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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Days of the Week

Do you know the song? I think it's to the tune of the Addams Family. "There's Sunday and there's Monday, there's Tuesday and there's Wednesday, there's Thursday and there's Friday, and then there's Saturday. Days of the Week *clap! clap!*
Getting kids to do chores... is a chore!

There are countless studies and articles that proclaim the value in getting kids to do housework. I don't doubt it - and not only is it good for their development... sheesh! Duh - who wants to do all of the chores?? I would really like more time to make Savasana Socks!

I was vacuuming this morning and it occurred to me to assign chores by the days of the week. You know how there's #ThrowbackThursday on social media? What if there's More on the Floor Monday? You'd pick up anything on the floor that day! Now I have to think of the rest of them.
Maybe it's Trash Tuesday. So you'd get all the trash out of your rooms, backpacks... take out the trash!
What about Wednesday? Windows! And I have the perfect cloths and enough for both kids to tackle this project with just the cloth and water!
Thursday? Tabletops?
What about Friday?
Sunday is Sunday Fun Day for sure!

This post will evolve, it's a goal! If you have some ideas for my remaining days, please leave them in the comments.

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